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Price: £169.95

Brand: Snugpak                              

Product: Softie Intrepid 15

Category: Camping gear

Pros: Mega toasty warm, UK manufactured, cheerful colour.

Cons: Bulky 

The Bottom line: Never have a cold night in a tent again.

Product quality: 5/5

Product ease of use: 4/5, bit tricky to get back in the stuff sack

Product performance: 5/5

Product Durability: 5/5

Product extras:4/5 All Snugpak items come with a 12-month warranty

How can I explain this?

I’m one of only 5 people to have this ‘My Adventure Logger’ prototype

See my journey here

Price £140

Pros: Warm, compact, easy to inflate

Cons: take up more room than the uninsulated mattress

 Stand out specs: Takes the chill out of cold nights camping, quality product. 
 The Bottom line: Luxury mattress that will meet the needs of cooler campers.
Product quality 5/5
Product ease of use. 5/5  once you figure out the Schnozzle Pump bag
Product performance 5/5
Product Durability 4/5
Product extras 5/5. Five year warranty on defects in materials and workmanship.

Cynical and reluctant, that was my initial reaction to this product, actually that’s my reaction to most new things, it’s on a reflection on the product at all but on the point in life I have reached. My concerns were not whether or not it would work, but did I really need it and do I want to cut into and molest the immaculate wiring of my Triumph Tiger? Well I do if I was to test the product.

Price: £175

Pros: Light, compact, versatile.

​Cons: Not good for cold weather but it doesn't pretend to be.

​The Bottom Line: Ideal for compact travelling.


Quality: 5/5

Ease of use: 5/5

Performance: 3/5

Durability: 4/5

Extras: 5/5


I had a friend who worked in local radio, he said, on those slow days, he would ask the question ‘has anyone ever had an unfair parking ticket?’ the phone lines would come alive. Likewise any forum thread that mentions tyres will be bombarded with opinion. The following review is just my experience on my bike.

“Viking - Made in Pakistan”, so about as Scandinavian as a chapati.

But that’s ok, being influenced by a horde of ancient seafaring warriors from the frozen north is surely going to produce a hardy garment.

The Rev’It! Adventure Range

It’s as exciting and complex as a foreign country, receiving the package was like getting a visa in my passport, putting it on was like finding a hotel with climate control. This isn’t clothing this is body accommodation. Its multifaceted functions and abilities need guide book directions. There’s more to this than meets the eye and I have to get under the surface to discover the hidden treasures and capabilities of this versatile protection.

REV’IT Livengood GTX

Can gloves be described as exciting? They’re not, really are they? They are either good or bad, comfortable or not, warm and waterproof or cold and wet.

A new phone may be exciting a new bike definitely is but gloves? However, I have to say I was more that mildly enthusiastic when the new Rev’it Livengood’s arrived for me to test. Luckily it was cold out and pissing down, and it’s a rare day when setting out in the rain is a preferable choice.

Gerbing 12V logo 12V SOCKS

First impression was that they looked more like sacks than socks, not that aesthetics were my top priority, then I was disappointed to see the heating element didn’t even go beyond the ankle.

I thought it was additional packaging as it dropped out of the jiffy bag along with a pair of gloves to test. “Exotogg” it said, what is it? It had a plastic tube clearly asking to be breathed into, less intimidating than a breathalyzer, bigger than a whoopee cushion. It turned into a mattress with a hole in the middle, most strange. I suppose I’d better Google it.

I’ve seen it from the top of a Mayan pyramid but I’ve never got across the border. Mexico always captivates me and therefore Guatemala always eludes me. Another thing that is captive in Mexico is a parcel waiting to clear customs, tales of high import duties and long delays made my decision; I’m going to meet my new boots in Guatemala. My current ones were 15 years old when I became the owner and three Mexican tours clocked up another 25,000 miles on my feet. They were tired and I needed to get geared up for the ongoing journey to Panama. It was on the advice of Get Geared that I opted for a pick up point at a popular Guatemalan location with a DHL office to collect my Forma Adventure Off Road Boots.