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The full size of the rock is now evident. 

Last week I left the Adventure Rider Radio RAW show, the split is due to time differences.

For a while now I have been struggling to record the show so late at night and into the following day. Drunk, sober or in my sleep, I've never had anything very useful to say in the middle of the night. I felt my tired contributions didn’t reflect well on me or the show.

However, sometimes if you jump you will find a net and I've been caught, saved and employed by Adventure Bike TV. I've been writing a column for them for the last 2 years and I don’t think they will mind me telling you that, like for many of us, 2020 has been a hard year for them. But next year promises to be a good year, quite literally, as Dunlop have just commissioned a whole season Adventure Bike television AND a new show, Motorcycle TV. The real bonus is that unlike last season, now, if you are not signed up for Amazon Prime you will still be able to see the shows as they will be accessible for free via the Dunlop website.

So now with a bigger budget and enthusiastic sponsor the show moves forward into its eighth season and this is where I come in. The ABTV website is likely to get a revamp and my columns/articles are no longer going to be written word but videos. ‘Views from the Shed’ will be sponsored by ‘The Adventure Bike Shop.’ Yes, I know, there are a lot of ‘Adventure’ companies here but that seems to be the world I revolve around. The Adventure Bike Shop will also be sending products from their extensive range for me to review.

So if you are a bit confused here is the shortened version:

Three months of writing, two more in the production, publishing and printing process, then fly back to the UK to meet a pallet of books and co-ordinate my two weeks of quarantine with a virtual book launch.

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This basically involved helping the dispatch department send out the pre-orders and T-shirt sticker panier box combos.

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 After three weeks of that I decided I'd had enough screen time for one year, time for a ride.

Here are a selection of reviews and opinions on my new book, good and bad. There are still a few stickers left and you will get one free when you order a copy from this site. 

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The next house purchase decision was made predominantly due to the garage. The corridor of a bungalow wouldn’t win any design awards but at one end it had a single up and over door, and when it was up, I couldn’t get over what was revealed. It was not your usual single car space, so narrow that you have to do the Dukes of Hazard through the window exit technique. If this garage had been a photo on a phone, someone had parted their thumb and finger across the screen and enlarged it in all directions. The expanded space was easily 2 cars deep with a flat roof extension, and extra wide, albeit at the expense of the lounge which was the other side of the internal garage wall. The rest of the house was horrid but that didn’t really matter.

However in the 7 years I lived there, although I remodelled and modernised the house, the garage never really fulfilled its potential. It was dark and cold, the vaulted roof took all the heat out and the inadequate window didn’t let the light in. I tried my best to brighten and warm it up. When I replaced the kitchen, the old one became bench and storage cupboards, but not having the best of memories I discovered that I was more of a shelving kind of guy. I needed visuals, I could never remember what was hidden behind the doors of the relocated kitchen cabinets and consequently all cupboards were opened to find that elusive can of hammarite or bottle of fork oil.